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Name:Lobelia the adverbial
Birthdate:Nov 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
A word of caution: as of currently (March 2012) I look at my DW account perhaps once a week, if that. On average, it's more likely to be once a month. My main posting and fannish activity still remains over at Livejournal.

See you there or here (I hope!). *waves*

What are adverbs. ... An adverb is a change. ... (Gertrude Stein)

Slash = cathected diegesis

Paragraphs are emotional and sentences are not. Paragraphs are emotional not because they express an emotion but because they register or limit an emotion. ... the emotional paragraphs are made up of unemotional sentences. (Gertrude Stein 1934)

We swim in the interstices of canonic masterplots and weave our own subversive narratives with the silken threads unravelling from their frayed edges.

Emergency contact info. This eye-locked post is for the use of LiveJournal staff in the case of an emergency only.

Note: I'm also on Dreamwidth as lobelia321 but this is my main LJ. I don't really read Dreamwidth but wanted to support the project financially.

Sidney Nolan, from the Ned Kelly series, Australian National Gallery, Canberra

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Not much here is Flocked, and adult content may occur. :-)

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Lobelia gibberoa, aka the Giant Lobelia (Ethiopia, Mt Kenya)

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Sidney Nolan, from the Ned Kelly series, Australian National Gallery, Canberra

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